At Adelaide’s first front-of-house workshop, our clients and guests are immersed in the fine art of opal cutting and jewellery manufacturing.

Whether you are remodeling an old treasure, or designing an entirely handmade bespoke piece, we guarantee a tailored and original experience that you won't find anywhere else!

Opal Cutting

John Ryneš has been refining and mastering this true art form for more than four decades. Most other opal cutters in Adelaide trained under John!

Our entire opal cutting procedure is performed on our city premises, giving you the chance to view the transformation of a rough stone into an exquisite and unique precious stone.

Jewellery Manufacturing

Our front-of-house factory workshop uses both traditional handmade methods, handed down through generations of master craftsmen, and modern technologies in design.

Custom Made Pieces

We pour all our careful skill and passion for design into every single piece. You’ll be walking away with an exclusive work of art that is distinctive and precious.

Building a Ring