Opal Diamond Factory “Our family has been crafting the finest pieces from opals and diamonds for over 45 years. But that is nothing compared to the six million years it takes to create an opal”

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Located in the heart of city, King William Street, Adelaide, South Australia, in Adelaides iconic Beehive Corner. 

Opal Diamond Factory was established in 1974 by opal industry pioneer John Ryneš, we are a second-generation family-owned manufacturing jeweller and opal cutter.

Mike Saj-Rynes, Johns son has now taken over the reigns of ODF, carrying on the family legacy. Mike grew up in the opal fields of Coober Pedy, South Australia, where his father was a miner, opal cutter and jeweller.

Being Adelaides oldest opal diamond specialists our passion for the industry is shown with every piece we create. Our jewellery values have been committed to creating the most exquisite pieces for over 45 years. Operating as a family business allows us to maintain the highest standards in customer service and manufacturing. We have a clear direction and our imprint is in everything that happens within our business. It adds credence to an acquisition when the client knows that there is a real person behind each piece.

Whether you are looking to create that custom piece, bespoke engagement ring or remodelling an old treasure! We guarantee a tailored and original experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

We welcome you to visit our showroom, view our extensive range and Adelaides largest opal collection.

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